2D architectural models are becoming a thing of the past. Old school methods of modelling and presenting proposals are giving way to more high tech methods. Enter BIM.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) allows for picture perfect 3D computer designing of buildings. It allows architectural designs to be modelled with specific building systems already in place.

Builders, engineers and worksite professionals can then assess any system clashes, such as conflicts between electrics and plumbing layouts, then identify and solve issues before foundations have even been poured.

Field coordination is simpler with BIM. Construction can be done to a higher standard, quickly, safely and cheaply thanks to this software.

Building Information Modelling


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Rigorous testing has been put in place to ensure each BIM component meets industry standards and protocols.

"These dimensionally accurate models can be clash and clearance checked, allowing spatial conflicts between systems to be automatically detected and resolved."


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Because BIM components contain everything relevant to the product, it can then be used by designers in the building model.

  • Optimisation of schedule and cost
  • Conflict detection and risk mitigation
  • High level of customisation and flexibility
  • Coordination and collaboration
  • Easy maintenance of building life cycle
  • Faster drafting without loss of cost and quality


At Crane Fluid Systems, our engineers and product management team work closely with bimstore to create 3D BIM objects of the highest possible standard and accuracy

"Error and omissions traditionally buried in disaggregated two-dimensional drawings can be visually detected and resolved during the project review."

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Once approved, the BIM components are uploaded to the bimstore website. The content is now accessible to millions of designers.

"The ability to extract quantities and dynamically link cost data for materials, labour and plant hire costs into the Building Information Model. Adding cost to the model allows a live view of budget and spend analysis."

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