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Why do we need a Crane Fluid Systems Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV)?

Crane Fluid Systems offer a range of Pressure Reducing Valves (PRV) for buildings, available from a pressure rating of PN16 up to PN25.

PRVs are designed to ensure that an appropriate water pressure is maintained throughout the whole building. Without using a PRV, it is more likely that the system would be unbalanced, with either too high a pressure (too much water) or too low a pressure (not enough water) in some areas.

For tall buildings, such as hotels and commercial centres, sometimes a different pressure is required on each floor to enable a comfortable usable pressure. The higher the building, the higher the pressure generated on lower floors. Therefore, each floor, or a group of floors, will need a PRV to regulate the pressure of that system.

How does a Crane Fluid Systems Pressure Reducing Valve work?

A PRV works by regulating the amount of pressure that is allowed to bypass the spring in the centre of the valve. When the water is at a high pressure, it forces the spring upwards, which regulates the amount of water that is allowed to go through, culminating in the appropriate water pressure flowing through in a controlled manner. The reduced outlet pressure allows the disk to open while the opening is controlled by the spring set position.


The Crane Fluid Systems’ PRV range is available with 2 pressure ratings:

· PN16

· PN25

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