Shepherdess Walk in Islington is destined to be refurbished and become a high-end 8 storey development comprising commercial offices and a restaurant.

Imtech, the Mechanical & Electrical contractor for the project selected our Dominator Peak Pro* for heating and air conditioning of the building.

The manifold assembly is energy saving, easily configurable with a small foot print and equal length pipework, so it’s much easier to install on any fan coil.

Combined with our Technical Advisory Service Imtech can be assured during and after installation that Crane FS is a systems partner they can rely on.

*All PICVs are tested in accordance with BSRIA BTS01


Kieran Brogan
Mechanical Engineer
Shepherdess Walk


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Accurate flow, temperature and pressure control

Introducing the Dominator Peak Pro

Dominator Peak Pro

Small Footprint

The compact units have a small footprint with equal length pipework and the ability to position the valve on-site for an easier and faster install on any fan coil or chilled beam.

Cost Savings

Use of the Crane FS gap detection actuator allows for operational cost savings by giving excellent valve authority and controllability at all valve settings.

Market-leading Production Testing

Prior to production, the valve undergoes significant design validation testing and subject to 10,000 cycles, which is equivalent to 15 years typical service.

The Design

The Dominator Peak Pro has been designed to deliver and maintain a system that enables energy and cost reduction over its lifetime.

Case Study

Shepherdess Walk

Crane FS have supplied Dominator Peak Pro manifold assemblies to Wenlock Works, a major refurbishment in Shepherdess Walk, Shoreditch, London N1.

The Dominator Peak Pro was selected by M&E contractor Imtech for the heating and air conditioning system for this project.

The refurbishment of the 6-storey office building has been designed by Buckley Gray Yeoman Architects, who have added two additional storeys at roof level and an 8-storey extension on rear of the building. Air is to be supplied through a raised access floor and circulated through soffit mounted FCUs, screened in a central zone above an expanded mesh raft. With a re-clad brick exterior and factory style windows, the exterior will be contemporary but still fit in the surrounding area.

Continuous Professional Development

At Crane Fluid Systems we offer training days and approved CIBSE CPD modules to develop knowledge and expertise for Variable Flow applications.

These events are held at your premises or at the Crane FS manufacturing facility in Hitchin and can include a demonstration rig. Modules are:

  • Proportional Balancing within the commission process. This process applies to both constant & variable flow heating and chilled water systems.
  • Variable Volume systems within the scope of Differential Pressure Control Valves. Covers history, application, selection and commissioning.
  • Variable Volume systems within the scope of Pressure Independent Control Valves. Covers history, application, selection and commissioning.
  • Variable Volume System - Utilising DPCVs and PICVs
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H&V News Awards 2019

Crane Fluid Systems are pleased to be sponsoring the prestigious H&V News Awards that will be held on the 25th of April 2019 at Grosvenor House Hotel, London.

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