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Static Balancing Valves and Flow Management Systems

The Crane ProBalance range offers a wide variety of Static Balancing Valves and Flow Management Systems, providing the ultimate in accuracy and reliability.

Balancing Valves - Static

Established H&V practice recommends that wherever possible within heating and chilled water systems, hydraulic losses should be minimal. Thus flow measurement and regulating valves serving such systems should function with pressure losses as low as efficient operation and high accuracy will permit. However, in certain circumstances where flow velocities are low as a result of system design, it is equally important that adequate differential pressures are available for accurate flow measurement. This requirement is achieved on the basis of a realistic compromise between the need for accuracy and low hydraulic loss. Crane flow measurement and regulating valves enable systems design engineers to specify standard production valves which will conform to the various system design options arising from current H&V technology, energy conservation considerations and standards legislation.


To meet the growing use of variable speed pumps for HVAC applications Differential Pressure Control Valves are available specifically aimed at optimising a systems performance. Extremely efficient, the DPVC is set to a maximum differential pressure limit, under dynamic balancing conditions, which ensures flow cannot exceed a desired rate. It therefore helps reduce energy consumption, the risk of noise and simplifies the commissioning process.

Flow Management Systems

Alongside the Crane FS range of static balancing valves, the company can also offer a range of bespoke Flow Management Systems designed to work within fixed and variable flow systems. Dominator and Commpac are prefabricated units that combine the essential control components and connecting pipework in one compact module ready for simple on site connection. These systems are assembled to order for specific projects.


Thermal Balancing

For control of potable hot water services. The MultiTherm family enable a constant flow in the system, maintaining temperature and preventing dead-legs.

A thermostatic cartridge in the MultiTherm is factory pre-set at 57°C. Between 52°C and 57°C the valve starts to close, restricting flow and increasing temperature. When set temperature is reached, a minimum volume flows continuously thus preventing dead-legs forming. During disinfection, the water storage temperature needs to be increased above 62°C and the MultiTherm opens to allow additional flow through the system.

After disinfection, the valve automatically returns to the pre-set position. MultiTherm is recommended for systems with flow rates above 0.007 I/sec. EtaTherm is recommended for systems with flow rates below 0.007 I/sec. MultiTee can be fitted at various points in the system to enable temperature monitoring.

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