About Crane Fluid Systems

Crane Fluid Systems is a leading brand of Crane Building Services & Utilities which forms part of the Process Flow Technologies group, a division of the parent company Crane Co, a New York Stock Exchange quoted company with a market capitalisation in excess of $4.8 billion.

Crane Fluid Systems offers a full range of commissioning valves for static and variable flow, which includes a range of DPCV’s, PICV’s as well as prefabricated Dominator and CommPac units.

In addition, there is a portfolio of general valves - including ball, butterfly, check, gate, globe, radiator as well as drain cocks and strainers. Plus a range of Public Health valves, that are designed for hot and cold water systems as well as malleable pipe fittings in iron and bronze.

Crane Fluid Systems now also offer a range of valves as BIM ready product components.

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In 1906 James E. Bennett set up a business in London as a Coppersmith. He soon recognised a growing interest in the trade for the latest American pipe fittings and valves, and turned his attention to importing. Amongst the products he introduced to British Industry were those of Crane Co, a thriving American company founded in the mid 19th century.

Crane soon realised that a manufacturing unit in this country would help expand their international business. In 1919 Crane Co. purchased the assets of the English company and changed its name to Crane-Bennett Limited with the intention of making products in England.

Today as part of Crane Building Services & Utilities, Crane Fluid Systems is joined by complimentary building services brand NABIC.


Today & Tomorrow

Crane Co was founded on the 4th July 1855 by Richard Teller Crane who made this resolution, which is still the fundamental business policy of Crane Co today.

"I am resolved to conduct my business in the strictest honesty and fairness; to avoid all deception and trickery; to deal fairly with both customers and competitors; to be liberal and just towards employees; and to put my whole mind upon the business."