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What Are We Doing?

Actions we are taking to support a sustainable future

  • Detailed monitoring of our waste, water, gas and electric usage to track reduction.
  • All metal, cardboard and wooden waste is segregated and recycled.
  • Zero waste goes to landfill from our manufacturing facilities.
  • Rainwater harvesting and reuse scheme is being implemented in our test department where we perform hydrostatic product testing.
  • A Building Management System has been installed at our UK manufacturing facility to optimise factory heating and reduce our Natural Gas consumption.
  • UK electrical supply is 100% renewable, with zero carbon emissions.
  • Factory and office lighting has been converted to LED, with motion sensor where practical.
  • Waterless urinals have been installed.
  • Installed on site charging for company electric vehicles.

The new Crane Fluid Systems Dominator Eco was built with sustainability in mind

  • Reduced Embodied Carbon
  • 100% Recyclable Packaging
  • Paperless
  • 28% Smaller & 36% Lighter

Crane Co. 2030 Targets

One of the core values within Crane Co. businesses is the elimination of waste throughout the organisation. The Company also has a structured cadence and process to manage and measure progress of sustainability initiatives.


Reduction in water consumed per direct labour hour by 2030.


Reduction in electricity consumed per direct labour hour by 2030.


Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions per direct labour hour by 2030.


Reduction in solid non-hazardous waste per direct labour hour by 2030