Dominator Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can the joints between components be manipulated?

Yes, please refer to the IOM for the correct procedure.

2. Does each PICV need to be protected by individual strainers?

No, it is recommended to fit a strainer further upstream protecting a number of PICVs

3. Can you flush the coil avoiding the PICV?

Yes, please refer to the IOM for flushing procedures and guidance.

4. Can the Dominator be fitted directly to a Fan Coil Unit?

Yes, the unit is designed with 40mm connections and equal flow and return lengths for direct connection to FCUs. More about Fan Coil Units >

5. Are you able to confirm the flow rate controlled by the PICV?

Yes, a Venturi device is provided as part of the unit to provide flow measurement.

6. Does it matter which way around the PICV is installed?

The PICV must be installed with the flow direction arrow in the correct direction.


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