Crane Product Overview

7 December 2004

Crane Fluid systems is a leading UK manufacturer of valves, fittings and engineering products for building services applications, offering solutions which provide best value together with service levels that exceed expectations.

Crane Product Range Overview

  • Gate, globe and check valves in bronze, DZR, brass, cast, ductile and malleable iron.
  • Strainers in bronze, cast and malleable iron
  • Ball valves in bronze, DZR and brass
  • Lugged and wafer style butterfly valves in bronze and cast iron
  • Static and automatic balancing valves in bronze and cast iron
  • Handwheel, lockshield and thermostatic control radiator valves in bronze with various finishes
  • Taper threaded pipe fittings in malleable iron and bronze

Balancing Valves

The Crane Pro-Balance range comprises fixed and variable orifice double regulating, flow measurement valves from ½" bronze globe valves to 300mm, ductile iron regulating valves providing the ultimate accuracy and reliability. Crane Dominator Z3000 flow management system for fan coils improves on the traditional practice of connecting individual valves and pipework, or using hook-up type units.

Benefits for design engineers

  • Minimal design involvement
  • All the necessary components supplied as one tested unit
  • No risk of a component being omitted from a system at installation
  • Known performance of the entire unit
  • Saves time, reduces specification risks and provides maximum value to the client


    Taper thread pipe fittings


    The range of British-made Crane malleable iron and bronze taper thread pipe fittings are available in sizes from 1/8" to 6" PN25 rated. Taper threads provide full engagement the whole thread length, with no need for hemp filler, allowing faster installation and lower costs.