Plate Heat Exchanger

A Plate Heat Exchanger (PHEX) provides indirect heating of a fluid via a hydraulic break in the system, and the efficient transfer of heating/cooling from the primary to the secondary side (see Heat Exchanger image below).

In order to control the temperature on the secondary side, a control valve is installed on the primary side and will modulate in response to temperature demands communicated from sensors on both sides of the unit.

Heat Exchanger

Recommended Solutions

Crane Fluid Systems has a number of applicable solutions available for this type of terminal. See examples below.

PICV has become the preferred solution for many designers and installers in recent years. However, the option of using the traditional DPCV method is still available and can suit certain applications.

Option 1

Pressure Independent Control Valve (PICV)

  • Stand Alone PICV

    • Easy to set up
    • Straightforward commissioning
    • No need for separate Commissioning Set and 2 Port Control Valve
    • Sizes available up to DN150
  • Dominator w/ PICV

    • Can be remotely fitted away from the terminal
    • Reduced space constraints
    • Extended levers available for chilled systems
    • Sizes available up to DN25


Heat exchanger wtih PICV

Option 2

Differential Pressure Control Valve (DPCV)

  • Stand Alone DPCV

    • Range of controllable dPs available
    • Available with Companion Valve
    • Sizes available up to DN150
  • Dominator w/ Commissioning Set

    • Available with either static Commissioning Set or Motobalance
    • Available with Strainer
    • Extended levers available for chilled systems

Typical DPCV Valve Arrangement