Building Information Modelling

Building Information Modelling has swept the industry and as of April 2016 is now mandatory on many projects. The construction industry is benefiting from utilising the rich 3D data that bimstore provide to specifiers enabling projects to be delivered quicker, cheaper and in-line with rigid legislative standards.

Crane Fluid Systems has been involved with bimstore from its inception and our product library is currently one of the largest contributors of content with thousands of downloads each month across the world. Design engineers can now digitally generate systems with different combinations of valve products, locations and other details, allowing better-informed design decisions to be made from the start, through to automatic scheduling in the later stages.

bimstore believe that this early collaborative approach will lead to better and more robust designs and importantly less margin for error. The construction team can make the best choices on efficiency, productivity, reliability, safety and fundamentally reduce project risks and waste.

Industry Compliance

The requirements to achieve BIM Level 2 are defined in PAS1192- 2:2013. Essentially this is a process that clients, consultants, contractors and any other stakeholders must follow to achieve Level 2. This document determines how BIM ready you are as a supplier and if you are able to be involved in a project.

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Our Bimstore Process

Our BIM components are virtual representations of our products and contain all data for analysis, design, scheduling and specification. The following outlines the steps taken from product concept to arrival in the bimstore.

1 Collaboration

Our engineering and product management team work in conjunction with the bimstore to create the 3D BIM objects. This ensures accuracy and the highest possible quality.

2 Testing

The BIM components are put through their paces in the BIM labs and beta testing environment. They undergo a rigorous check against their protocols and industry standards.

3 Approval

Once approved, the BIM components are uploaded to the bimstore website. The content is now accessible to millions of designers.


4 Free

The download of Crane Fluid Systems 3D objects are free and allows our customers to specify them within their construction projects.

5 Benefits

Because BIM components contain everything relevant to the product, it can then be used by designers in the building model.