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Product Overview

24Vac/dc + 10%
PICV DN15-50
Dominator Peak Pro
Dominator Eco

*Please refer to Datasheet for full technical information

D156 Gate Valve -  Brass
  • BIM File Available


Modulating Actuator with Modbus

The ACTMDBUS actuator provides remote and intelligent valve setting, modulating control and indicated flow rate feedback through a fast and reliable Modbus communication protocol for HVAC applications. The ACTMDBUS is compatible with the Crane FS range of D995 Peak Pro PICVs from DN15 up to DN50 as well as the Dominator Eco.

Setting and commissioning the valve via the BMS is achieved due to the integrated library of Crane FS PICV products. The user can select the model and size that the actuator is installed on, allowing the flow rate to be set electronically, significantly reducing onsite commissioning and working within tight spaces or at height. Once set, the valve can be controlled using flow rate via the BMS, whilst feeding back indicated flow rate data. The built in failsafe function protects the system in case of power failure by automatically moving the valve to either a fully open or fully closed position. The actuator can be retrofitted to any compatible Crane FS valve. The prewiring makes efficient connection to power supply and BMS systems.

  • Reduced commissioning time and costs by utilising the integrated valve library, allowing the valve to be commissioned and set via the BMS or Crane configurator tool.
  • System optimization possible using the indicated flow rate and position feedback communicated through Modbus connection.
  • Reduced installation labour and cabling costs due to daisy chaining between actuators.
  • Reduced downtime due to error feedback via the BMS as well as integrated LED indication for clear visibility of operating. status, errors and diagnostic functions.
  • Optimised system efficiency and user comfort due to fast responding actuator.
  • Critical application protection from fail safe function which can be configured as fully open or fully closed.
  • Isolation function with Class IV leakage when paired with Crane FS D995 PICV and DE40.
  • Linear and Equal Percentage Control – Configurable control characteristic to suit different applications.