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Product Overview

DN15 to DN50
-10 to 100°C
DN15 & DN20 End Connections: Rp Parallel

DN25 to DN50 End Connections: Rc Taper

*Please refer to Datasheet for full technical information

  • BIM File Available

DN15 to DN50

Companion Valve – suitable for female ended DPCV – Bronze

To meet the growing use of variable speed pumps for HVAC applications, Crane Fluid Systems has launched a range of Differential Pressure Control Valves (DPCV) specifically aimed at optimising system performance.

Extremely efficient, the DPCV is set to a maximum differential pressure which ensures flow cannot exceed a desired rate. It therefore helps reduce energy consumption, the risk of noise and simplifies the commissioning process

  • Has an integral tapping point for the impulse tube to link with the Crane Fluid System DPCV.
  • Integral orifice & test points provide precise and accurate flow measurement.
  • Positive flow control at all handwheel settings.
  • Easy to operate with Double Regulating handwheel and numerical position indicator.
  • Can be used plugged, as supplied, for PN25 applications or with an impulse tube for PN16 applications.
  • Characterised regulating disk tends towards equal percentage performance.
  • Male threaded ends for easy connection to all pipework systems.