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Product Overview

230Vac / 24Vac/dc
IP44 (vertical mounting)
DN15 - DN50 PICV’s
DN15 Dominator Eco

*Please refer to Datasheet for full technical information

D156 Gate Valve -  Brass


Thermic Actuator

The ACT991TH provides fast and reliable connections for on/off control.  The compact and lightweight design makes the thermic actuator an ideal choice for installing within confined spaces. The ACT991TH is a normally closed actuator. When electrical power is delivered to the thermal element, causing it to expand, the actuator is driven open.

The ACT991TH 170N is compatible with our extensive range of PICVs and Dominator Eco range.

  • Simple connection and integration into the BMS due to the prewired design.
  • Quick and effortless mounting to our PICVs via M30x1.5 connecting thread.
  • Ideal for installation in confined spaces due to the compact design.
  • 24V and 230V voltage models available for differing site requirements.
  • Can be fitted after the valve is installed.