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Product Overview

-10 to 100°C
System side - BSP Female Taper
Terminal Side - Compression or Solder Union

*Please refer to Datasheet for full technical information


Manifold Commissioning System

Crane Fluid Systems CommPac provides one easy access point for commissioning and maintenance of multiple heating/chilled water terminal units. On large projects, significant time and cost can be eliminated by enabling commissioning at convenient locations.

Ends of corridors, or accessible cupboards can be used, which would also eliminate disruption to occupiers during maintenance works.

  • The CommPac is an exceptionally robust, efficient, practical and versatile system:
  • Depending on flow rates, up to six terminals can be served from a single CommPac unit.
  • All units are custom built to suit site specification.
  • All site connections can be made without the need to access the internal components.
  • CommPac is suitable for variable flow or constant flow systems.
  • All connections are BSPT Female, enabling standard pipe or specialist adapters to be used.
  • Fan coil units can be flushed, vented and balanced without the time-consuming 'looping out' procedure. This can be carried out by one commissioning engineer instead of a team.
  • All systems can be flushed through the Dominator H-body.
  • Available with PICV for variable flow system and DPCV for constant differential pressure manifolds