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Hanover Square

Project Overview


London, UK


Michael J Lonsdale Ltd.


Dominator Peak Pro 

Crane Fluid Systems Dominator Peak Pro manifold assemblies have been selected by M&E contractor Michael J Lonsdale Ltd. for the heating and air conditioning system of the Hanover Square development in Mayfair, London.

In the heart of the west end, the Hanover Square site will predominately be located over the New Bond Street Crossrail Station. The project is due for completion in the third quarter of 2020 and will be comprised of Grade A offices, modern residential units and prime retail space totalling 223,600 sq feet. A new public courtyard and pedestrian route will link New Bond Street, Hanover Square and Tenterden Street.

The Dominator Peak Pro is a lightweight and modular valve system that includes the Peak Pro Pressure Independent Control Valve for accurate flow, temperature and pressure control. The compact units have an integral Venturi metering station for an improved flow range, a small footprint with equal length pipework and the ability to orientate the valve on-site for an easier and faster installation on any typical fan coil or chilled beam.

By utilising the Crane FS Peak Pro PICV, the project has been provided the best opportunity to realise operational cost savings and increased energy efficiency. The PICV has excellent accuracy and hysteresis, which helps maintain the set flow rate and limit the occurrences of overflow.

The use of the Crane FS Gap Detection actuator will also allow for operational cost savings by giving excellent valve authority and controllability at all valve settings. This ensures that a change in valve position translates into a change in flow rate/pump speed and therefore realised energy savings.

Prior to production, the valve has undergone significant design validation testing in accordance with BSRIA BTS01, being subjected to 10,000 cycles, which is equivalent to 15 years of typical service, and the performance has remained excellent.

Production testing begins with pressure testing, in accordance with BS EN 12266-1, of the ball valves within the H-Body assembly. The PICV itself then undergoes pressure tightness testing to ensure product integrity. The PICV also undergoes further production testing in accordance with BSRIA BTS-01, more specifically a Flow Limitation test (FLT). This test looks at the performance of the valve in-situ and ensures that the valve activates at the stated differential pressure (ΔP) and also maintains the stated flow rate, within set tolerance bands, up to its maximum ΔP.

Established in 1986, Michael J Lonsdale is one of the leading building services contractors in the industry, offering a full range of mechanical, electrical and public health services.

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