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Piccadilly Gate

Project Overview


Manchester, UK


Manchester County Council

Consulting Engineer

Shepherd Engineering Services Ltd

Architectural Design / Main Contractor

Ocon Construction


BSS (Salford) Ltd


Crane Fluid System’s Dominator

The Rail House, Piccadilly Gate comprises 10 floors and 13,000 sqm of contemporary office space in an area seen as the focus for the city’s growing professional, financial and public sector occupiers. The fully air-conditioned space underwent a £8 million pound refit making it a premier commercial address in the city of Manchester.

Fitted with fan coils and chilled beams, Crane Fluid System’s Dominator have been installed throughout the build. The Dominator is a compact prefabricated unit which combines essential control components and connecting pipework which is ready for a simple and fast on-site connection to the terminal units. The Dominator allows the facilities management team at Rail House to control and measure flow around the building and is ideal for flushing and isolation.

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