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Crane Fluid Systems Product Directory

Contains the Crane Fluid System's entire product range of Balancing Valves, General Valves, Press-Fit and Public Health Valves and their technical information

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Crane Fluid Systems Pipe Fittings Catalogue

Pipe Fittings Catalogue

Technical information for the full range of Crane Fluid System's malleable pipe fittings, including bushes, sockets, unions, plugs, backnuts and elbows.

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Crane Fluid Systems General Valves

General Valves Catalogue

Details Crane Fluid Systems' range of General Valves - Air Vents, Drain Taps, Ball Valves, Gate, Butterfly, Globe, Radiator, Check Valves and Strainers

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PICV & Dominator

PICV & Dominator Range

Includes the new Peak Pro Pressure Independent Control Valves and Dominator products

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Press-Fit Valves

Press-Fit Valves

Crane Fluid Systems has designed a dedicated core range of Press-Fit valves, which are quickly and easily installed onto pipework using proven Geberit Mapress technology.

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CPD and Technical Training

CPD & Technical Training

Crane Fluid Systems offer a number of training modules, certified by CIBSE, for both specifiers and contractors. These training programmes run across the UK and Middle East

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Variable Flow Specifier

Crane Fluid Systems Variable Flow Specifier (MENA)

This Includes the D991 Pressure Independent Control Valves, The DS981 Motorbalance Fixed Orifice Double Regulation Valve, DPA Differential Pressure Control Valves, The New Ultra Compact Dominator Pro Prefabricated Fan Coil Connection Unit, and our New Range of CE Motorized Butterfly Valves up to DN1800.

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Understanding Principles of DPCV & PICV

Understanding the Principles of DPCVs & PICVs

This Guide on the principles of DPCVs (Differential Pressure Control Valves) and PICVs (Pressure Independent Control Valves) is the latest in the series from Crane Fluid Systems specifically for Building Services engineers.

Written in a 'practical language' that is easy to read, being relevant to practising engineers at all levels of knowledge and experience including fitters, commissioning technicians, contractors, consultants and system designers.

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Understanding The Principles of DPCVs & PICVs in Dynamic Balancing