Chaplin House


London, UK


Delta T Services


Dominator Peak Pro 

Crane Fluid Systems Dominator Peak Pro manifold assemblies have been selected by M&E contractor Delta T Services for the new four-pipe fan coil air conditioning system of Chaplin House in Uxbridge, London.

The self-contained office building has undergone comprehensive refurbishments to a Grade A office specification.

Lightweight and modular, the Dominator Peak valve system includes the Peak Pro Pressure Independent Control Valve for accurate flow, temperature and pressure control. The compact units have an integral Venturi metering station for an improved flow range, a small footprint with equal length pipework and the ability to orientate the valve on-site for an easier and faster installation on any fan coil or chilled beam.


The system is able to achieve excellent valve authority at all settings by utilising the Crane FS gap detection actuator. This allows for maximum efficiency gains against required pump settings to achieve the required flow rates.

The Dominator Peak Pro has been designed to deliver and maintain a system that enables energy and cost reduction over its lifetime. Prior to production, the valve has undergone significant design validation testing in accordance with BSRIA BTS01, subjected to 10,000 cycles, which is equivalent to 15 years of typical service, and the performance has remained excellent. In addition, every Peak Pro PICV is tested to in accordance with BSRIA BTS-01, more specifically a Flow Limitation test (FLT).

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